Wednesday, September 30, 2009

One Cassette of One Israeli Soldier is Worth...?

How much is one Israeli soldier worth?

This story gives you an idea:

In Gaza, Hamas spokesman Osama Muzini confirmed the deal, which he said was struck after German mediators asked for information on Schalit's health and Hamas responded that ''nothing is free.''

''Twenty prisoners will be released in exchange for the Zionist enemy's learning about his life through a cassette that shows him and reassures the enemy that he is still alive,'' Muzini said.

…Hamas, meanwhile, wants to end an Israeli and Egyptian economic blockade of Gaza that has caused widespread shortages of many basic items. These shortages have prevented Hamas from repairing the massive damage caused in Gaza by an Israeli military offensive last winter.

…The closure has led to a bustling smuggling business along Gaza's border with Egypt. On Wednesday, two smugglers were killed and four were injured when a tunnel under the border collapsed. A paramedic said the men were working in a tunnel in an area struck by the Israeli military the night before.

The Israeli army confirmed it targeted three tunnels in response to rocket and mortar fire from Gaza in the previous two days. Israel says the tunnels are used to smuggle weapons into Gaza.

More than 120 people have died in tunnel collapses since 2007.

So, one cassette of one Israeli soldier is worth:

- years of economic blockade

- almost 150 dead tunnels diggers/workers/smuggler

- 20 prisoners

How stupid is Hamas?

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