Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Scenes of Ethnic Cleansing

Ethnic cleansing of Jews, that is.

By Arabs.

Out of Jerusalem's Old City Jewish Quarter where Jews had lived for about 600 years or so continuously and off-and-on for 1800 years.


The current Jewish Quarter, which today looks almost brand new and usually sparkling clean, dates to roughly 1400. The oldest synagogues — the Elijah the Prophet and Yohanan Ben Zakkai — are roughly 400 years-old...Originally the Great Synagogue, the Hurva was built in the 16th century, but was destroyed by the Ottomans. The synagogue was rebuilt in the 1850's, but was damaged in the 1948 war and then destroyed after the Jordanians took control of the Old City...Nearby is the Ramban Synagogue, named for Rabbi Moshe Ben-Nahman — the Ramban — who helped rejuvenate the Jewish community in Jerusalem in 1267, after it had been wiped out by the Crusaders.

Just off the plaza is the Cardo, which was a Byzantine road, roughly the equivalent of an eight-lane highway, that ran through the heart of the city...The Jewish Quarter of today is located on the remains of the upper city from the Herodian period (37 B.C.E-70 C.E.).

It was conquered and occupied by Arabs in May 1948 and the Jewish residents expelled.

And these two are the grandparents of a resident of Beth El:



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sad reality, great photos. thanks.

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Americans should watch it. Its the reality that they can't digest!

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