Thursday, September 24, 2009

It's The Intention, My Dear

Al-Jazeera on Netanyahu - when a news outlet, even in the guise of commentary, slides into agitprop:

Jacky Rowland Al Jazeera's correspondent in Jerusalem said: "He was trying to convince his audience that Iran wasn’t just a problem for Israel but for the rest of the world.

"The only point of applause was when he repeated the formula of 'two states for two people' and I think it reflects the not very high regard that Israel is held in UN circles.

"He was trying to draw an analogy between the very crude small rockets fired from Gaza [into Israel], with the kind of bombs that Nazi Germany was dropping on major British cities and vice versa during the second word war.

"It's rather ludicrous to make those comparisons as the munitions are in no way comparable.


is a former BBC Foreign Affairs correspondent so you have to excuse her lack of, well, morals.

Jacky, if a man attempts a sexual assault on you, does it make a difference to you if he can't, er, well, you know (at least that biological bit), but paws a little, getting you disheveled or not? Of course, he can't be tried for rape in court but he really did intend to do the dirty and he probably caused you a slight anxiety attack or whatever.

Now, multiply that by several thousands of rockets, mortars and such over eight years and you might comprehend that your throwaway "crude" and "ludicrous" remarks ares not only intellectually silly but morally corrupt.

Of course there is a comparison: both Nazi Germany and Hamas intended to kill as many civilians and destroy as many homes, factories and schools as possible.

And Gt. Britain, you know, the place you come from, burnt down, leveled and obliterated German towns, et al. in retaliation, something Israel didn't do in Gaza. So, actually, the real comparison is between England and Nazi Germany vs. Israel and Gaza and who do you think performed better from a humanist perspective of all four?

Yep - Israel.

And who displayed ignorance, bias and unfairness if not - Jacky Rowland.

Tsk, tsk.


And check out Ehud Barak's op-ed in the Wall Street Journal.

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Morey Altman said...

The comparison between rockets is nonsensical, and they know it. If I may quote myself (from my blog) first of all:

a) Despite incessant terror attacks, only a few dozen people have been killed ...but this is only because we all have 'safe rooms' lined with metal and concrete. As well, cities like Sderot have bomb shelters everywhere. Most homes and business have shelters, so the argument that not that many Israelis have died (and therefore some will claim the response is disproportionate) is unfair and disingenuous. We have bomb shelters BECAUSE people are trying to kill us with rockets. And while a miraculous few have been killed, hundreds have been injured, many disfigured and paralyzed; a recent study found that 1 in 3 kids are suffering from PTSD.

b) Hamas has been primarily using Kassam rockets, which aren't meant to cause widespread death and destruction, but rather are weapons of TERROR, deliberately filled with metal ball-bearings and shrapnel, with the specific goal of maiming and injuring civilians.

In short, there's a reason why we call them TERRORISTS.