Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Udi Chamoodi

"Udi Chamoodi" is a sort of Israeli generic name for a cute, nice kid - one who smiles, giggles and plays nicely.

Udi Aloni is not exactly a Udi Chamoodi. Not by a long shot, pardon the metaphor.

Here's one thing that he has written:
My friends and I have appealed to Israeli artists, thinking that they truly oppose the occupying racist regime in Israel, and that they are merely being exploited unwillingly by the state and its ministry of foreign affairs.
in which he protested
the cooperation between the Toronto Film Festival and the rebranding of the State of Israel as an enlightened democratic state (instead of an occupying state).
and expressed his anger at fellow artists:
...when he received the Golden Lion Prize in Venice, Shmulik Maoz did not dedicate his film "Lebanon" to the victims of that criminal war, the product of the Israeli government's arrogant and violent brain.

Nor did he ask forgiveness for his participation in the war. Nor did he speak of the Palestinians who are still suffering under a terrible occupation at the hands of the same army with which Shmulik had served in Lebanon.
and he waxes, well, almost tearful even if he lies:
please help us end the occupation, advise us on reaching a worldwide audience, correct us if you think we are overdoing it at times, but don't cooperate with the occupation itself.

It has brought about the destruction of the Palestinian people and it will next bring about our own destruction, since there will be no free Israeli-Jew as long as the Palestinian is not free, having the same and equal rights.
All this is BS or bovine defecation if you wish.

He hasn't apologized for his "Tel Aviv was built on the remains of Arab villages" throwaway in his letter.

And Ha-Ha-Haaretz, of course, provides him his artistic stage to present this comedy of his.

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Eliyahu m'Tsiyon said...


Prof Mark LeVine has an article on the History News Network site which presents a biased view of the history of Tel Aviv, including some of Udi's claims about TA being built on the ruins of Arab villages. You ought to look at it and make your own informed comment.


Shalom, Eliyahu