Monday, September 21, 2009

Mr. Obama, My Home is MY Home


President Obama is "fed up" with Israel while his administration has given the Palestinians guarantees they will eventually take over Jewish homes and buildings throughout most of the West Bank, a top Palestinian Authority official claimed to WND.

...said the PA official, who spoke on condition his name be withheld. "The Americans told us (Prime Minister Benjamin) Netanyahu might construct in the West Bank for now but we (Palestinians) can enjoy these houses later. The evacuated homes will not be destroyed like some were when Israel pulled out of Gaza," the official said.


rob fletcher said...

Well, what will this conclude then??? I hope it will be something positive and constructive for our country as well.

YMedad said...

Sure. If you think that building America's security and stability and development on a backward, intolerant, undemocratic society as is the rule throughout the Middle East, many of whose peoples view the US as a Satan, is a good idea, then forget about Israel.

There were some people in the 1930s who thought Germany was the Jews' problem only. Doesn't work that way.

apad 2 said...

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