Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Why, Perhaps, Some Americans Are Insensitive to Israel's Needs

One fault we Israelis have is that it seems so obvious to us that while we are not 100% perfect, nevertheless justice, morality and plain fairness would dictate that our claims, our behavior and our policies as a people returning to its national homeland and our attempts at assuring Arab demands would cause many more people to champion our cause.

At the very least, the murderous terror we have suffered since 1920, directed at our most defenceless, seems not to impress as many persons as we would assume. And the Goldstone Report basically justifying the Hamas terror is a case in point.

And then I read an item like this from Kansas and understand that human nature and values are sometimes so irrational that one doesn't need a Holocaust to highlight man's inhumanity:

A Belton man has pleaded not guilty to second-degree murder and armed criminal action in the fatal shooting of his children’s mother. Michael Adams Jr. of Belton appeared at his arraignment Monday at Cass County Circuit Court wearing a baby blue jumpsuit, shoulder-length hair and makeup.

Police say he shot 36-year-old Amber Hartwig in the head July 14 before shooting himself and causing a superficial wound. Hartwig was the mother of Adams’ two children.
Relatives say Adams and Hartwig argued on the day of the killing about his cross-dressing.

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