Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Amy, Try A Rabbi

Amy Winehouse, nominally Jewish, has a...faith healer:

Peter Hippolyte [from] St Lucia...And now the booze and drugs junkie is flying him over to England to help keep her demons at bay.

Peter has described how he put an end to her wild ways in the Caribbean and even stopped her boozing. 'I have healing hands and I talk to her and explain things to her,' he told Heat magazine.

'She's a wonderful girl and she believes in me. I am coming back to England to help her.'

He said: 'We hug each other, we kiss each other and I put my hands on her shoulder.

'I tell her not to worry and we sing to each other. When I come to the UK, I will use my hands to help heal her and use my psychological healing to organise her mind.

'We will say prayers together and she will drink bush tea with antioxidants.'

And I thought she was even game enough to try a shofar.

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