Friday, September 18, 2009

Ethnic Cleansing in Palestine Found

In the NYTimes:

Until 1921, Tel Aviv was a neighborhood of Jaffa, a thriving Arab port dating to biblical times [wait, in biblical times, it wasn't Arab!]. But when Arab-Jewish tensions, fueled by the emerging nationalist conflict, exploded into a bloody anti-Jewish riot in May 1921, thousands of Jaffa’s Jews sought refuge in Tel Aviv. Its numbers quadrupled by year’s end to 12,000. More clashes followed, and the population swelled further with the arrival a decade later of Jewish refugees fleeing Hitler’s Europe.

Oops. Seems that those were Jews that were ethnically cleansed by Arabs.

Sorry about that, Toronto Film Festival boycotters.

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benning said...

Ethnic Cleansing only occurs when it is a 'protected' or 'favored' group which is pusehd from a territory. Other peoples need not apply.

Jews are never protected nor favored.