Friday, December 28, 2007

Uri Tzvi Greenberg Writes to Me

I was introduced to the poetry of Uri Tzvi Greenberg at YU by Nissan Teman and Reuven Genn in 1964. In 1967, during my year in Israel at the Machon L'Madrichim, I made contact with Uri Tzvi and we began an intermittant correspondence.

Toby Press is preparing an anthology of his poetry in the English translation as I learned from speaking to Aliza Tur-Malka, his widow whom I met at the Yair Stern Conference. (Here's a good site with bio info and some poetry in English and another translated poem here.) Here is the Hebrew-language site of the Uri Tzvi Greenberg House of which I am an executive board member.

So, I figured I might as well post the correspondence as that way, they won't get lost.

a) A letter from Shvat (February) 1967

b) A poem I commented on from December 12, 1971

c) And Uri Tzvi's response to my comment (translation to come later)

d) Another letter from February 1970 of Uri Tzvi reacting to a comment of mine on his poetry

e) A letter to me from May 1969 relating to his upcoming visit to New York

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