Friday, December 21, 2007

Rachel Ehrenfeld Lost

She lost her appeal.

Read here.

(Kippah tip: AtlasShrugs)


Anonymous said...

Yisrael, I actually wanted to confirm that you are planning to attend the Conference at Hebrew University honoring the 100th anniversary of the birth of Avraham Stern ( I assume you would not pass up something like this). If you do, I would appreciate it if you would do a posting on it. Unfortunately, I am not able to attend as much as I would like to. I am particularly interested in the closing panel discussion involving the sons of Stern, Eldad, Yellin-Mor and Shamir. It would be interesting to know how far, if at all, the sons have drifted from their father's paths. I, of course, know that Aryeh Eldad faithfully lives the values of his father, but is son Yellin-Mor a Communist like his father? Is Yair Shamir(a business executive, as I understand it ) an establishment "pragmatist" (i.e. Leftist) like Zippi Livni? Did Yair Stern accomodate himself to the post-Zionism of his colleagues at Israel Television?
I have more to say on this matter, so I hope you will report back on this conference.

Shavua Tov from Rehovot

Anonymous said...

I forgot to add that I first really became aware of Avraham Stern and his legacy at a lecture you gave in 1980 at the OU Center in Jerusalem on Stern and the LEHI so you see you left quite an impression about Stern with me!

YMedad said...

Thanks for reminding me how old I am.

Yes, I intend to be there and hopefully, will have something to post.