Friday, December 14, 2007

Alan Johnston Follow Up

Missed this from two weeks ago:

Honour for kidnapped journalist

Freed journalist Alan Johnston is to be awarded an honorary degree by a Scottish university.

The BBC correspondent, who was held hostage for 114 days, is being given an honorary doctorate of letters by Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen.

And Terry Waite - who was abducted in 1987 and held for a total of 1,763 days while working to secure the release of European hostages held in the Lebanon - is also being honoured by the same university.

Great. Getting honored for being terror hostage victims who sympathize with the "plight of the terrorists".

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Asher said...

so you reckon we should "invite" a jourmalist home for three months?
Problem - not over Hannukah, as 8 days of latkes will be considered as cruel and unusual, certainly not guaranteed to win hearts and minds. Same applies to Pesach, so better watch out when Tu B'Shvat rolls around!