Thursday, December 13, 2007

How To Propagandize, the Pal. Way

Tony Blair visited Bethlehem yesterday. You know, the Jewish city where David son of Jesse was born.

Anyway, see this bit from Steve Erlanger in his NYTimes report:-

When presented with a Bethlehem specialty, a nativity scene carved inside the root of an olive tree, Mr. Blair oohed in admiration. He barely blinked when Ms. Daibes told him that the gift was special, because it was fashioned from a 200-year-old tree “uprooted by the Israelis.”

Neat, that.

I guess we could tell him that he could visit a 2000-year old Jewish community that had been reestablished on land that had been uprooted by, amongst others, Arabs.


david said...

The arabs did not uproot our ancestors from Israel, it was the romans.

The same group of romans are still controlling the world, and Blair is one of them. So why should he care that our people were uprooted two thousand years ago, after all his people did it?

People need to wake up and see that this group is running the world. They are running the money, media and military; and they are definitely running Israel.

Anonymous said...

From an Arab perspective, obviously a carving from a root of an olive tree is seen as something valuable and worthy of a gift. I was wondering how such a root carving could be made from a tree that was not "uprooted"? If the act, as implied by the Minister's comments, was so egregious, why turn it into something you honor a guest with by making it a work of art?

Suzanne Pomeranz said...

And did anyone bother to tell him that Beit Lechem was originally a JEWISH town (of JUDAEA) long before it was a Christian or Moslem (as it is today) town???

Reminds me of when I asked a Baptist pastor from Jordan if he taught his church members that Jesus was actually Jewish... "Of course not," he gasped. "If I did, they would all leave the church!"

Anonymous said...

I think the Bethlehem Arabs could've been a little more creative. They should've presented Blair with the hammer used by the "Israelis" when they nailed Jesus to the cross!!!! Mel Gibson woulda' been proud!