Friday, December 28, 2007

Raw Sex Talk for Middle East Peace

NOTE: This blog post is for mature adults only.
You have been warned.

Thanks to David Landau's suggestion to Condi Rice, we now have some new additions to the political lexicon of Middle East Peace:

(with thanks to Maariv)

we start with:

intervention - gentle pressure to remove Israel from its security belt and historical homeland.

rape - vigorous pressure to do same.

and continue:

afterglow - The good feeling experienced after being massaged by the US Ambassador in that you have been invited to attend an exclusive gathering at his home to meet and discuss political matters with the long-legged Secretary of State.

analingus - praising the afore-mentioned Secretary of State.

dysfunction - when a person of left-leaning, radical, progressive ideology suggests how peace can be achieved.

exhibitionism - bragging to the media that you've had a wet-dream fantasy about the afore-mentioned Sectretary of State.

menage a trois - when David Landau will next invite his paper's owner, Amos Schocken who suggested cancelling HaTikvah as Israel national anthem, to meet with afore-mentioned, et. al.

missionary position - how David Landau sits in his editor's chair.

sexually transmitted disease - reading Haaretz.

venereal disease - reading Haaretz's editorials.

Any more suggestions will be welcomed.


Hasbara With Attitude said...

Gangbang - why stop at the US? Let the whole Quartet get in on the action!

KGS said...

Let us not forget S&M- The entire "peace process" is saran wrapped in it.

Unknown said...

Condyloma - the name of the specific venereal disease one gets from reading Haaretz's editorials (google it, it's a real VD)