Monday, December 17, 2007

I Couldn't Restrain Myself

I read this NYTimes' report:-

A rocket fired at Israel on Sunday afternoon by Palestinian militants from Gaza landed near a house in Kibbutz Zikim, lightly wounding an Israeli toddler inside, an army spokesman said.

and sent the following letter to the paper:-

Your correspondent's report that a Qassam rocket struck a kibbutz ("Palestinian Rocket Injures Child in Israeli Kibbutz", Dec. 17) contains a semantic error.

As the Hamas leadership would claim, the kibbutz is actually another Israeli "settlement" as they make no distinction between pre-1967 and post-1967 Zionist activities to redeem the Land of Israel. Indeed, Hamas makes no distinction as regards pre-1947 land reclamation efforts as well. This semantic ideology bars any peace agreement between Israel and Hamas and most of the rest of the Arabs who consider themselves "Palestinian".

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