Friday, December 14, 2007

RWB Supports Hamas Media Outlets

Reporters Without Brains, er, Borders, published this statement:-

Israeli troops raid three West Bank news media

Reporters Without Borders condemns the searches of three West Bank news media that were carried out yesterday by Israeli troops. One of the news media, Nablus-based TV station Al-Afaq, had to stop broadcasting because the troops seized transmission equipment.

...“The media are defenceless against harassment and violence coming from three sides. The Israeli army, the Palestinian Authority security services and the armed wing of Hamas have all being guilty of press freedom violations in the past three months.”

Israeli troops forced their way into Al-Afaq’s studios at around 1:30 a.m. yesterday. After searching the premises, they seized broadcast equipment, forcing the station off the air. An employee told the Palestinian news agency Maan, “The Israeli soldiers were apparently given orders to close the station because of its support for Hamas, Islamic Jihad and other organisations.”...

(Kippah tip: EJC)

So, the media was supporting Hamas.

Well, how does Hamas support the "free media of Palestine"?

Read on the other side:

A senior adviser to Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas's government was abducted by unknown gunmen in the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip on Friday, Abbas's Fatah faction said...Fatah said Omar al-Ghoul, who advises Prime Minister Salam Fayyad, was taken from his home in Gaza one day after he arrived in the coastal territory from the occupied West Bank...Fayyad's information minister, Riyad al-Malki, blamed "criminals working for Hamas" for the abduction and called for Ghoul's immediate release...Al-Ghoul is considered a harsh critic of Hamas and has a regular newspaper column in which he frequently attacks the Islamic movement and a frequent critic of Hamas.

I await the RWB's condemnation. Hope I don't have to hold my breath.

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