Friday, December 14, 2007

Go Figure It Out

A Muslim blogger, Mujahideen Ryder, who seems to be a nice chap, left a comment on one of my posts insisting that "honor killings" are not Islamic practice but a specific Desi problem.

I left a comment at his blog (here) and then checked his bio.

Can anyone figure this out?

I’m Sunni and follow the Hanafi madhab. I believe tasawwuf is part of the three Islamic sciences including fiqh and aqidah. I also accept and believe that those who adhere to the Salafi ideological and theological view is part of Ahlus Sunna wal Jamma. Although they hold different views I accept them as my brothers and sisters in Islam. Regarding the Shia, I accept them as Muslims and no comment after that. When it comes to people of Al-Qaeda and other extremist jihadis, I do not agree with them on their views on Jihad nor do I condone their actions.

Almost like Satmar, Bobov, Ger/Gur, Lubavitch and Sadigora?

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