Friday, December 21, 2007

By Jove!

Chabad is having problems with their synagogue in Litchfield, Conneticutt.

They sought permission to renovate a 135-year-old historical Victorian home. The Star of David they wished to put up passed the Historic District Commission but the panel found a proposed addition to the home and several other architectural changes too much to bear and rejected the application.

And who defends the town's resticitve decision?

A Jew.

A Mr. Goldberg.

A Mr. Zeus Goldberg.

Here, read:-

...But the proposed installation of double doors on the front of the 2,656-square-foot house and a clock tower on its roof was deemed out of touch with the historical character of the building, and the “massive” proposed addition to its rear was said to destroy its residential nature.

...One longtime resident, Zeus Goldberg, 70, who is Jewish, said the commission’s rejection “wasn’t based on anti-Semitism. It’s based on the town trying to maintain its character. That’s why they don’t allow a McDonald’s there.”

Jove is a variation of Zeus, in case you missed it.

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mnuez said...

You told that tale perfectly. I laighed out loud.