Sunday, December 23, 2007

So That's the Reason for a Bar-Mitzvah

I am told that the Barna Group, a prominent Christian demographic polling organization, concluded from its surveys that in essence what you believe by the time you are thirteen is what you will die believing.



mnuez said...

I'd imagine that's generally true (untrue though it may be with me), but why 13? Rashi's opening to Chayey Sarah would be somewhat useful here too: What someone believes at 13, they believe (or are destined to believe) at 6! Who changes their mind before 13? The facts are that almost no one changes their mind after 13, but that's only on account of their never changing it anyway!

And I grant no congratulatory exception to the large minority that b'davka rebel against their parents points of view in their teens and twenties. That's even less intellectually impressive than just going with the flow of your youth.


P.S. I'm sure my rant regarding the obtuseness of my fellow humans entirely misses the point of the linked-to article. I was just going off on the provided sentences. (And feeling quite superior as I do so. ;-)

YMedad said...

Hey, be happy