Wednesday, December 26, 2007

A DeLUX Letter

Sent to the UK Telegraph that I received:


I am delighted to read of the increase in tourists to Bethlehem (Dec 26th), but have to point out a descrepancy in the remarks of its Mayor, Victor Batarseh. He said, 'this city is open to everyone,' knowing that Jews are the exception, even pilgrims crossing from Israel must use Christian or Muslim taxi drivers.

The Latin Patriarch, Michel Sabbah, head of the Catholic Church, in his sermon, thinly diguises his anti-Israel feelings, which were recently compounded when he suggested that by being a Jewish State (endorsed by the UN in 1948) other religions were discriminated against. With the graves of Jewish legends like Joshua and Caleb recently vandalised in the Palestinian controlled Samaria, it seems there never will be 'room at the inn' for a Jew in Palestinian territory.

Brian Lux, 49,Abbey Rd, LLandudno

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