Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Israel is being Condhimmed

Picked up the idea for a new verb (here):

v. Condhimmi

to be pressured into accepting humiliating conditions in the field of national security; to be diplomatically bamboozled; to be beaten down.

Origin: Condoleeza Rice, aka Condi, U.S. Secretary of State, has manipulated Israel's government, headed by Ehud Olmert, into a dangerous political situation vis-a-vis the Palestine Authority, even using Jim Crow imagery and misrepresenting American Negro experience as if applicable in the case of the Arab attempt to eradicate Israel. Israel's Jews are being threatened by a renewed dhimmi (tolerated minority) status in their own country.

Condi + Dhimmi = condhimmi

Usage: "Olmert has been condhimmed again. He's removing security barriers and supplying arnms to the PA even though terror continues unabated".


Hasbara With Attitude said...

You know there's a Hebrew verb, l'condel which means to have meetings with no effectiveness, no solutions. It was coined a few months ago.

Batya said...

I still blame Israel for it.

Anonymous said...

כל עוד גבנו כפוף בכניעה גלותית וחוסר ביטחון עצמי שולט בנו ובנפשנו - אין אנו יותר מ"דימי" - ואין זה משנה אם זה לאמריקאים או לכל אלימות אחרת. זקיפות גב תציל אותנו ממוות, אליו אנו הולכים ביודעין.