Saturday, March 02, 2013

"Palestinians" - or Syrians?

I have blogged several times (here, for one) on the fact that into the early years of the 1920s, a "Palestinan nationalism", as a separate and distinct reality, was unknown and, in actuality, opposed by most Arab residents of the country and by all the official institutions.

One proof: the various congresses (here) that were convened.

The caption reads:

Syro-Palestinian Congress meeting in Geneva from August 25 to September 21, 1921.
From right to left: Wahba El-Issa – Riad El-Solh – Salah Ezzeddine – Shibli El-Jamal – Ehsan El-Jabri – George Youssef Salem – Haj Toufic Hammad (Vice President) – Michel Lotfallah (President of the Syro-Palestinian Congress) – Islamic scholar Imam Mohamed Rashid Reda (Vice President) – Emir Shakib Arslan (Secretary General) – Toufic El-Yazigi (Assistant Secretary General) – Taan Al-Imad – Amin Al-Tamimi – Najib Choucair – Toufic Fayed – Suleiman Kanaan.
Centre of picture: Ali El-Ghayati (Journalist) flanked by two unidentified Syrian students from the University of Geneva. 


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