Sunday, March 17, 2013

Binyamin's Sites Await President Obama


Mr. President, you'll be passing right by. We're here for you - historical sites, tourist places, great views, agricultural development, vineyards, archaeology, educational institutions, immigration absorption, industry, people - Jews returning to their homeland.


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deborah said...

elieve me, that photo will not touch Obama's soft spot. He is of hard heart for the Jewish people. He is not coming for the benefit of the Jewish people. His motorcade will disrupt all of jerusalem right before last minute pesach shopping, just enough to make everyone aware that Obama has arrived, along with the Locusts in Egypt. His motorcade continues on into Ramalah to meet with the PA leaders after meeting students of Israel (excluding Ariel) at a nuetral venue, the Conventon Hall. SOme say this was to avoid a walk out for Pollard staged by Moishe Feiglin, Likud. Lets pray that the people of Israel give him the welcome he deserves, and not even bother showing up. Better to celebrate Pesach with your loved ones.