Thursday, March 21, 2013

So Now We're Preventing the Return of Jesus?

Someone thinks Mount Moriah was not where the Jewish Temples were built:-

Ken Klein, [in] the new documentary film “Jerusalem and the Lost Temple of the Jews.” [has a] premise...that the prophesied and venerated Jewish temple does not belong, as all the world believes, on the “Temple Mount.”

 And he then goes theologically accusatory:

Is their confusion concerning the site of their temple preventing the return of Christ?... “Jerusalem and the Lost Temple of the Jews” brings new and conclusive proof and undeniable evidence as to the proper and historical location of all the temples and why Christians, Jews, Muslims and historians all have it wrong.

Well, I can't wait - actually, I can and, I guess, will have to - to see this.

Jewish sources are quite explicit on this matter of location:

There is no Sanctuary for all generations except in Jerusalem and [specifically,] on Mt. Moriah, as [I Chronicles 22:1] states: "And David declared: 'This is the House of the Lord, God, and this is the altar for the burnt offerings of Israel.' and [Psalms 132:14] states: "This is My resting place forever."

In other words:

The present-day platform area of the Temple the site David purchased from a Jebusite named Ornan late in his reign. King David prepared the area in order build a permanent House of God to replace the was his son Solomon who actually built the First Jewish temple (1 Chronicles 22:14-15, 28:11-20)...According to Rabbinical sources both the First and Second Temples were built on the same foundations, at the same location somewhere on the Temple Mount.

Since I'm not going to shell out $25 for this, I'll have to return to this later.

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