Monday, March 18, 2013

Dynamics, With Emphasis on the First Syllable


The Center for Middle Eastern Studies at Lund University and the Issam Fares Institute of the American University of Beirut are embarking on a multi-year research project to study the history and contemporary dynamics of human rights in the Arab world. The project focuses on the relationship between research on human rights theory and principles broadly defined, advocacy at the international, regional, and local levels in the Arab world in the form of pressure as well as knowledge production, and the formation of public policies related to human, civil, social and political rights throughout the region. The initiative is soliciting contributions, in the form of research essays, interviews, roundtables, or speculative essays, from scholars, activists, and even government officials working on the above issues. Submissions will be considered for publication on Jadaliyya and potentially for conference and manuscript purposes.Submissions should be 1200-1500 words. Submissions or ideas should be sent to Mark LeVine, at mlevine [at] uci [dot] edu.


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advis3r said...

Why multi-year? I shouldn't imagine it will take more than a few days.