Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Wicked Witches of the Waqf V

I have blogged about the men and women who are brought daily to the Temple Mount compound by Waqf authorities.

Their main task is to study Islamic sources but the aim of that is to crowd the esplanade so as to disrupt any "visitors", i.e., Jews, to grab space so the visitors can't go to certain areas, and to serve as "troops" that will "storm" the "Juadaizing Zionists", attack them, cause provocations and get the visitors to be removed*.

Some pics:-

And there are men, too:

This is referred to as

"activities, including competitions, aimed at reviving the Al Aqsa Mosque and its sanctuaries and the Holy Quran"

An Israeli guard assaulted a student at the al-Aqsa mosque, an Islamic foundation associated with the site said.   The student was lightly injured, and evaluated at a clinic inside the compound, the Al-Aqsa Foundation said in a statement quoting onlookers as saying Israeli Jews had entered the area.

A student was studying the Quran with a group when Israeli police tried to disperse them and detain the student, the foundation said.  Male students expressed anger over the incident as the student was female, and clashed with police. Nasser Malhas was lightly injured in his back and taken to a clinic for treatment.

_ _ _

Israeli forces prevented female students from entering the Al-Aqsa compound on Monday, a local group said.

Israeli soldiers set up a temporary checkpoint and stopped female students from entering the Islamic site, without providing a reason, the Al-Aqsa Foundation said.


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