Wednesday, March 27, 2013

I'm Quoted in Florida

Here is my comment to the hit piece on Irving Moskowitz in a Florida newspaper,

Miami Beach Man's Millions Thwart Middle East Peace

I recall the telephone interview (my description by Terence is from a photograph btw, as we never met).  His questions seemed to reveal not only a strong animosity but a pretend ignorance.  I would suggest there was also non-pretend ignorance since I moved to Israel in 1970 from Queens NY.  I last lived in The Bronx in 1954.  Just two comments.

a) This claim: "To critics, this was a breach of international law: An accord signed at the Fourth Geneva Convention in 1949 held that no nation can "transfer" its own civilian populations into an occupied territory."   This is misconstrued.  In any case, since thousands of Jews lived in the area that Israel administers beyond its sovereign borders prior to 1948, at which time they were ethnically cleansed, and that area was originally to become the territory of the Jewish National Home as per the international law of the League of Nations in 1922, that "crime" of "transfer of population" is completely non-applicable.

b)  As for this claim, that Moskowitz money is "supporting the elimination of Palestine", let's be clear, there is no "Palestine" and there never was, as a geo-political entity.  If there is an Arab Palestine, it is Jordan, which was part of the Mandate area.  To be fair, I will go on record as saying that the creation of such a state would be a great security danger for Israel, would undermine regional stability, would continue to oppress its own population as well as cojoin with terror groups either Iran-supported or al-Quaida oriented.  Nothing truly positive could develop.


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