Tuesday, March 19, 2013

From Jerusalem to - the So. Pacific

First, the Arabs accuse we Jews of trying to "storm" the Temple Mount, then "Judaize" it.

Now, I bet they'll accuse us of trying to take over the Solomon's Islands?


Read this:-

Solomon’s Island
Matthew Fishbane
A random email containing what purports to be news of the Lost Temple of Solomon sends day-dreaming New York-based reporter Matthew Fishbane on a journey halfway around the world—to the Solomon Islands. There, in the remote jungles of Malaita, he encounters self-described Melanesian Israelites with apocalyptic visions, dreamers guarding archaeological ruins of unknown but apparently ancient provenance, and a warlord who rallied an ethnic militia under the Star of David, as well as canny modern politicians who are leveraging the tiny island nation’s greatest asset—sovereignty—for development assistance from the modern Jewish state. When the stray rumors that float across our laptop and iPhone screens are followed to their source, reality turns out to be even wilder and more compelling than fiction.


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