Sunday, March 31, 2013

The New York Times' Extremism

From a story Jodi Ruderon wrote:-

Dov Hanin, a Parliament member from the far-left Hadash Party, called the new government “dangerous,” and Zehava Galon of the left-leaning Meretz said the “extreme right and its settlement enterprise” were the big winners.

The Hadash Party is the Israel Communist party.

Hadash...lit. The Democratic Front for Peace and Equality) a Jewish and Arab socialist front of organizations that runs for the Israeli parliament...The party was formed on 15 March 1977 when the Rakah and Non-Partisans parliamentary group changed its name to Hadash in preparation for the 1977 elections. The non-partisans included some members of the Black Panthers (several others joined the Left Camp of Israel) and other left-wing non-communist groups. Within the Hadash movement, Rakah (which was renamed Maki, a Hebrew acronym for Israeli Communist Party, in 1989) has retained its independent status.

Meretz does not "lean" left.  It is as far left as you can get in Israel, without being ... communist or anarchist.

On the other hand, even though "extreme right" is bracketed, being a direct quotation, that adverbial description is a bit .. extreme, no?


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