Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Who Will Set A Boundary to Yesh Gvul?

This ad of Yesh Gvul, calling on soldiers and reserve active-duty soldiers to refuse to serve "in Hebron and the Occupied Territories" ('and'?  Hebron is somehow not "occupied" a la Yesh Gvul???), was published in your favorite Israeli daily - Ha-Ha-Haaretz his past Friday (page 2, bottom left):-

Some of the text:

The government of Israel, by means of the army, the GSS and violent settlers administers a reign of violent apartheid in Hebron. Under the cover of empty slogans about holy places, the GOI downtrods 100,000 people...

...the Hebron apartheid is what sprouted Goldstein, the Jewish Underground and more...

It then artfully notes that those who decided to refuse to serve this "terror regime" did so on their own but merited to receive support from Yesh Gvul.


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