Wednesday, February 22, 2012

I'd Love to Ask Mrs. Strauss-Kahan A Question

Okay, her husband sleeps around.


One of Strauss-Kahn’s lawyers has said that the former French presidential hopeful never knew that the women at orgies he attended were prostitutes nor did he have any way of knowing they were. “He could easily not have known, because as you can imagine, at these kinds of parties you’re not always dressed, and I challenge you to distinguish a naked prostitute from any other naked woman,” Henri Leclerc told French radio Europe 1 in December.

Strauss-Kahn, 62, has been married for two decades to journalist Anne Sinclair, recently named editor of the upcoming French version of the Huffington Post.

But what does she, the former Anne-Élise Schwartz, do?

She was quoted as saying last month:

“I do not mix private and professional life,” she said.


“’I am neither a saint nor a victim,” adding, “I am a free woman.”

Well, what does she mix?

Does she participate? Just watch?

Heck, what does he mix?


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