Sunday, February 26, 2012

Pro-Mechitza Reason #13

A mechitza, for those not knowledgeable, separates the women's section of the synagogue from the men's area. 

Here's one reason for them:

Nirvana Jennette, a mom of four from Camden County, Georgia says she was forced out of church for breastfeeding her baby. Church leaders asked her to breastfeed in the bathroom and implied they could have arrested her for “lewd behavior.” The most egregious statement? She told news station WSAV that her pastor compared her breastfeeding to a stripper performing.

According to Fox 30 WAWS, although Georgia state law allows a mother to nurse her child anywhere, Jennette could face public indecency charges. She wants her message to be heard loud and clear -- breastfeeding is natural and moms who want to feed their children in public should be protected. To that end, she's decided to stage a nurse-in and is seeking to establish legislative change for the State of Georgia.


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Daniel said...

my wife breastfed , and also used a pump so she could feed in public or so I could feed.
I think some of these women are just in your face advocates