Sunday, February 19, 2012

Roger Cohen's Danger and J Street's Sin

I can only agree with Amy Lipton who has had her letter published at the NYTimes, commenting on Roger Cohen's latest in nhis campaign to undermine Israel:

Mr. Cohen dangerously conflates two issues: Israel’s sincerity in seeking peace with the Palestinians and its fear of being annihilated by its neighbors and other regional is incontrovertible that Hamas and Iran seek Israel’s destruction. Hamas and Iran have admitted as much. Repeatedly. Israel’s taking steps to avert this threat hardly amounts to a “treacherous trope” of “victimhood” that rightfully should be inverted; it is obscene for Mr. Cohen to suggest otherwise.

Oh, there is also this from New York's J Streeter, Talia Benamy (Ben-Ami anglicized?):

As a Zionist, I define being pro-Israel as working toward ensuring that Israel survives as a democratic, Jewish homeland. If there’s no shift in Israeli policy and in American Jewish efforts, I fear that the Israel I know and love will cease to exist. If Israel loses its democratic nature...

That harping on "Israel's democratic nature" is the euphemism the Left uses to imply, in a sinister fashion, its criticism of any political ideology that is not liberal/progressive and has nothing to do with the actual reality of Israel's democratic system, democratic culture, democratic institutions and democratic commitment.

Her approach a priori seeks to sow doubt, to cast aspersion.

That is a cardinal sin and it is a J Street fault line of negativity.


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