Friday, February 17, 2012

Prostitutes, Terror and Teheran

AP reporting -
Thai cops: Iran suspects cavorted with prostitutes

The three Iranian men detained for allegedly plotting bomb attacks in Bangkok on Israeli diplomats had more than terror on their minds in Thailand. Police said Friday that they had also cavorted with prostitutes at a beach resort...

...The Iranians hung out with several female sex workers during their stay there...A cellphone image taken by one of the women, published by the Bangkok Post with an article headlined "Suspects partied in Pattaya," purportedly showed the three Iranians at a Middle Eastern bar or restaurant surrounded by hookah water-pipes, two of them cradling women in their arms. The men posed for the photo around a low, drink-filled table on which there appeared to be at least one bottle of beer.

The woman who took the image said one of the now-detained suspects, Mohammad Kharzei, had asked her to escort him "because he was not good at speaking English," according to the Bangkok Post.

She said she brought two companions for Kharzei's friends, and they had drinks and played snooker together. The woman detected nothing awry, except when one of the Iranians "barred her from approaching a closet" in his hotel room, the newspaper reported.

Boy are they in trouble back in Teheran.



Anonymous said...

Israel is a regional centre for sex slavery and child rape.

Some 15,000 victims of this form of slavery in Israel are controlled by pimps who do not balk at any means to strengthen that control, including violence and getting the prostitutes addicted to hard drugs. Of the prostitutes in this country, most are women and about one-third are young people (both male and female ) who began selling their bodies between the ages of 12 and 14.

Anonymous said...

well, at least most of the prostitutes are women.

NormanF said...

Nice to know anti-Semites like you think the problem is Jews aren't depraved enough.

But no amount of depravity on the part of Israel's enemies will ever lead you to tip the scales in Israel's favor.

That says it all.