Friday, February 17, 2012

Former GSS Head Perry Reveals Ignorance

In an article on Migron, I found this:-

Jacob Perry, a former director of Israel's Shin Bet internal security service and a member of the opposition Kadima party, said the practice had "led to a big, big problem today."

Perry believes the Migron families should be forcibly removed, just as 8,500 Jews were ejected from Gaza in 2005 in a unilateral disengagement that still stirs furious resentment in the settlement camp.

"It can be dealt with. It will cost a lot of effort, but hopefully not a lot of blood," he said. "The majority of Israelis are against illegal settlements. If our leaders take a decision there will be huge support from the Israeli public."

But I already posted that that claim is wrong from last month's Peace Index:-

a large majority (76%) preferring that Israel remain a country with a Jewish majority, with one-quarter preferring that Israel continue to rule all of the Land of Israel west of the Jordan. Asked how they would respond if they knew that "continued Israeli rule over the West Bank would lead to one state for Jews and Arabs in the entire Land of Israel that would not have a Jewish majority,” the majority (63%) answered that in this case they would oppose continued rule in the territories.

That sounds bad, yes?  But consider this

However, the majority (54%) did not agree with the claim that continued rule in the territories will result in a country without a Jewish majority...[they believe] that continued rule in the territories will not prevent Israel from remaining a Jewish and democratic state. In other words, the public indeed prefers that Israel be a Jewish state over continued rule over the whole Land of Israel, but most of it does not believe there is a contradiction between the two objectives.


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