Monday, February 27, 2012

The Violent Goal of the "Non-violent Activists"

After debating and exchanging frustrating comments here, I finally managed to elicit this about the so-called non-violent advocate Fadi Quran:

Jacob Chase-Lubitz
14 minutes ago...
Fadi is struggling, according to his sister, for all of historic palestine to be a single democracy under which all peoples are recognized as equal under the law, irrespective of gender, ethnicity, or religion.

That, of course, is the euphemism for the denial of Zionism, non-acceptance of Jewish nationalism and the elimination of the state of Israel.

That, whether a goal of the terrorists of Fatah, Hamas or Islamic Jihad or of so-called non-violent activists like Mubarak Awad, Jonathan Kuttab or now Fadi Quran, is a violent one and must be rejected and dealt with appropriately.

Yesterday, his brother left this:

Semma Qura'an

1 day ago@Yisrael Medad my brother does not help halt the rock throwing. He opts for another type of resistance aimed at the ISRAELI OCCUPATION. Get your facts straight. stones are not the equivalent of the tear gas, skunk, sound bombs, rubber and live bullets and illegally used pepper spray the IOF use



Anonymous said...

Where is Nataly Holloway. Was she beat to death in an Islamic Harem? When testimoney first came out the leading suspect initially said she was sold to slave traders as a sex slave for harems. Where are the hundreds of thousands of missing girls that are displayed by FBI on most walmart billboards. You think I am overreacting. We had a blond headed green eyed, conservative news anchor beat to death by a muslim in Little Rock Arkansas. Not just beat, but EVERY BONE IN HER BODY WAS BROKEN, every bone in her face, her arms, her legs, all her ribs, and it was swept under the carpet because he was a muslim. The Islamic fundementalists of the world feel that they can do anything in America and get away with it. They basically have a license to kill indiscriminatly in the U.S., if you are an Islamic radical. If you do not beleive me call the parents of the news anchor that was beat beyond recognition. What do you think they would do with Laura Ingram or Ann Coulter if they could ever get their hands on them. The same thing they did to the blond reporter in Egypt, when caught? These are thugs that unmercifully rape, kill, and beat to death any woman who stands against their ideology. And we are told we can't burn a koran. Hogwash. We shouldn't burn one koran, we should burn them all and arrest those that refuse to give them up. That religion consists of luniatics, allah was a moon god wasn't it. The crying out of Allah Akbar reminds me of a wolves howling at the moon just before or after a kill.

Anonymous said...

My country sense tells me if you associate with people who warship a black rock and the moon, it won't be long before you have a knife in your back.