Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Peace Now Gets Dirty

Being very upset with Gidon Saar, Education Minister, for the Gush Katif Learning Kit ("Education Ministry school program presents Gush Katif as the epitome of Zionism | 'Gush Katif Day' took place in schools across Israel in an attempt to strengthen what Education Minister Gideon Sa'ar believes is the 'legacy' of the settlements"), Peace Now has upped a poster:


They Are Brainwashing Your Children

(crossed out column)        (replacement column)

Democracy                       Gush Katif
Evolution                         Im Tirzu
Human Rights                   Hevron
Peace                              Ronen Shoval

Gideon Saar is turning the education system into an arm of the Yesha Council's information unit

That's widely disengenuous, untrue and downright nasty.

But, who cares?  We know what Zionism is.  We know we aren't the devil as we are portrayed.  We take pity on these 'liberals', these 'humanists', these 'nice Jews'.

And we continue.


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