Friday, February 17, 2012

The Seven Pillars of National Security - Lacking a Base

Read this and ask yourself, is he promoting that the Arabs accept a territorial compromise?

...the contours of the final borders will not substantially enhance or severely undermine Israel's national security. The annexation of more lands two or three kilometers deep into the West Bank will make little difference from a security perspective.

Of course not.

That was from Alon Ben-Meir.  Israel must quit.

And he thinks that situation

a simple land grab in the guise of national security

Security?  He has a theory:-

Israel's ultimate national security requirements rest on seven pillars over which every politically, non-biased Israeli defense and security expert agreed upon...Israel's national security must rest, first and foremost, with peace augmented by other measures to alleviate Israel's long-term security concerns.

First Pillar: Maintaining Credible Deterrence:
Second Pillar: An International Peacekeeping Force:
Third Pillar: A Demilitarized Palestinian State:
Fourth Pillar: Development of Bilateral Relations--People to People:
Fifth Pillar: A Comprehensive Peace:
Sixth Pillar: Maintaining Full Security Cooperation and Collaboration:
Seventh Pillar: A Regional Security Umbrella

That sounds great but I wouldn't yield or surrender portions of the Land of Israel until all of that is not only achieved but implemented for a good few years.

Pillars without a base are useless.


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