Friday, February 24, 2012

Jews To Be Forbidden?

There's a report at Arutz 7 that the Islamic Waqf authorities are planning to alter the status of the Temple Mount so that they will be able to forbid the entrance of Jews in to the compound.

But I want to make it clear after 41 years of activity on behalf of Jewish rights to the Temple Mount and within, they have always claimed that the entire area is a mosque and that is why the minarets are on the walls and not on any one building.

From the report:

Expert Warns of Waqf's Dangerous Plans for Temple Mount

Archaeologist Dr. Eilat Mazar warns: The Waqf is planning to unite all the mosques on the Temple Mount into one.

Speaking to Arutz Sheva, Mazar said that for the past 12 years, the Waqf has constantly built on the Temple Mount in an attempt to implement its final plan: the establishment of a huge mosque on the Mount.

“There is no order there and no one to uphold the law,” she said. “No one can enforce the law there. Not the Israel Antiquities Authority, not the Nature and Parks Authority and not the city of Jerusalem. The police are there but they are precluded from enforcing.”

...the State Comptroller wrote a report which exposed serious findings about Israeli authorities’ inability to enforce the law on the Temple Mount, but noted that the report has remained confidential to this day.

“The Comptroller produced a thorough report and questioned all the right people. He came to important conclusions which so far have not been published. Our group has demanded and continues to demand that the contents of the report be published.”

She warned that the excavations of antiquities being performed on the Temple Mount by the Waqf may lead to disaster..."There is a danger that the ground will collapse under thousands of Muslims. It endangers the safety of the people...”

Mazar added, “I do not accept the argument that this could lead to a world war. The Temple Mount is at the center of Jerusalem. We’re not harming the Muslim rituals. We only want to enforce the law and order so that a disaster can be prevented. The Waqf cannot be trusted...

...“We know that the Waqf’s goal is to unite all one the mosques, and unfortunately today it is far from being just an illusion,” she said. “We will definitely weep over this plan in the future.”

Will we weep?

Well, we can weep over Silverstein's diatribe, claiming that: 'Messianic Settlers Provoke Violence And Seek Final Day Of Reckoning'.

Jews - and Christians - have a right to enter the Mount and Muslims attack but that doesn't bother Silverstein (who I doubt couldn't have writtn his op-ed without massive help from Israelis who spoonfed him material).

"Messianic settlers have banded together to orchestrate a crisis on the Temple Mount" is his buzz as if archaeological artifacts have not been destroyed or covered up or thrown away by Muslims, as if the police are afraid, as if stones are not thrown from inside over the Western Wall on worshippers below who aren't even in the compound.

He falsely asserts that in making an ascent:-

one must first evict or destroy the Muslim holy sites there as was done by Hindu nationalists to a mosque in Ayodiyah, India.

What a maligner. A mendacious idiot.

And again here, that "a call for Jews to have the same access to the Temple Mount that Muslims enjoy" is a

...problem...Muslims for generations have controlled the area. Until the type of agitation initiated by Sharon, access was relatively open. In fact, I can remember visiting both holy mosques during my stays in Israel in 1972-73 and 1979-1980. It was only after Muslims became afraid that Jews wanted to take control from them that relations went bad.

Soi, status quo wins? Well, let's make a new status quo. The Mulsims conquered the Temple and Jews can't enter so if Jews conquered, is it not logial - a la Silverstein - that Muslims be excluded?

But they are not.

That probably bothers Silverstein more - that we Jews still are more moral than the Waqf.



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Orfan said...

For me the bigger question to all of this is What Can We Do About It? I am tired of being asked for money to "save this" and "refurbish that" with the only results being the "askers" get a big dinner and a plaque while the site is inevitably overrun by Muslims. Many people would stand up, but we need a decent leader~who is not interesting in getting his name on a plaque...