Thursday, February 16, 2012

I Don't Quite Grasp His Point

I found this here:

What distinguishes the historical period between (1948-1967) of the Palestinian cities in the West Bank and Gaza Strip is the total absence of geographical continuity between them; the emerging Israeli occupation had occupied (70%) of historical Palestine; it annexed the West Bank to the Jordanian regime while Gaza Strip was annexed to Egypt. Palestinians lost their central cities and failed to build modern central cities in the two regions; they continued to depend on the main cities in both Egypt and Jordan (Khamaisi, 2006: 2).This stage came to an end following the Israeli occupation of the remaining parts of the West Bank and Gaza Strip in (1967). The Israeli occupation authorities have tightened their grip on the Palestinian cities, villages and camps following the year (1967). It founded a new approach which is to have geographical continuity between them but with borders...

Do you?


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