Friday, January 27, 2012

What Passes for 'Arab' Logic

Consider this item:

International media complicit in legitimization of Israeli settlements

Palestine, (Pal Telegraph) - Unbelievable, but true: over 70 journalists from international mainstream media took part in a tour through Israeli settlements in the Palestinian West Bank last Thursday 19th...Participants included journalists from well known media outlets such as the British Guardian, the Reuters news agency, as well as reporters from France, Poland, China, Germany, South America, the United States, Radio London and several TV stations from Russia.  The visitors were toured around communities, industry, agriculture and wineries in Samaria. Some of the stops in the itinerary were the Lipski factor, Mount Gerizim, the community of Itamar, and the Givot Olam farm.

...What calls immediate attention is the very fact that a (large) delegation of international media professionals went on a tour around Israeli settlements, all deemed illegal under international law. In other words, a host of media people, from the same countries that condemn illegal settlements in occupied Palestine, partook in something that essentially breaks international law.

So, if the media interviews an Arab terrorist or a newspaper hosts an op-ed by a terrorist organization, like Hamas in the NY Times, those outlets are...terrorist?


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