Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Mount Zion Going Catholic?

A good friend sent me this news item:

After 18 years of tough negotiations, the Catholic Church agreed to waive its demand to receive sovereignty over the Cenacle (the location of the "Last Supper") on Jerusalem's Mount Zion. In return, Israel agreed to consider giving the Church access to the place and even consider a leasing option.

I replied

if we don't get full equivalency visitation rights to the Temple Mount, why this?

To which she responded

On the grand scale of things you have a point, but back on the ground among Israeli diplomats and negotiators its apples and oranges – Vatican and Wakf . Take it up with Daniel Ayalon. Looks Gregorian chants and high mass now be heard on Diaspora Yeshiva grounds and throughout the area of the traditional Tomb of King David.

And I came back with

look on the bright side, if the RC Church can claim "historic rights" from mid-4th century to a building that originally was a synagogue, well, I am on the right track.

The Temple Mount was a temple before being a mosque compound.


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