Thursday, January 26, 2012

Shots at J Street

From a crime report of Davis, CA:-

10:34 pm – Gunshots were reported heard at J Street Apartments. The caller heard one shot coming from the complex. Nothing else was seen or heard.

By the way, Davis, a city in Yolo County, California, part of the Sacramento–Arden-Arcade–Roseville Metropolitan Area, is home to USC Davis and

is known for its liberal politics

And by the way,

Jeremy Ben-Ami of J Street clarifies ‘Israel-Firster’ comment

I guess he was a bit too liberal the first time:

Jeremy Ben-Ami, president of J Street, released a statement where he sought to clarify his comments in a Washington Post article reporting on accusations that staffers from the Center for American Progress used anti-Semitic and anti-Israel language to attack pro-Israel activists.

In The Washington Post article, Ben-Ami was quoted saying that he had "no problem" with the term "Israel-Firster" and emphasized that it is "a legitimate question"...

In his new statement, Ben-Ami said that "the use of the term 'Israel Firster' is a bad choice of words. The conspiracy theory that American Jews have dual loyalty is just that, a conspiracy theory and must be refuted in the strongest possible way."



Dusty said...

"By the way, Davis, a city in Yolo County, California, is home to UC Davis and is known for its liberal politics"

And proudly, I can tell you that the Davis Food Coop, as well as the Sacramento Natural Food coop, firmly rejected the BDS'ers who had tried to pressure them into "deshelving" Israeli products.

California is organizing and is learning to fight back.

YMedad said...

Finally, some good news.