Monday, January 30, 2012

Muhammad's Impotence

Found here on p.97 of U. Rubin, “Muhammad the Exorcist: Aspects of Islamic-Jewish Polemics”. Jerusalem Studies in Arabic and Islam 30 (2005),:

...[it] emerges in extra-Quranic hadith sources...[that] Jews appear as practicioners of magic and withcraft, and at least on one occasion they are said to have succeeded in bewitching the Prophet [Muhummaed], causing him a serious illness, which one may consider as demonic possession. The illness consisted of temporary impotence... (Source - Michael Lecker, "The Bewitching of the Prophet Muhaamad By The Jews", Al-Qantara 13 1992, and David Cook, "The Prophet Muhammad, Labid al-Yahudi and the Commentaries to Sura 13", Journal of Semitic Studies 45 2000)

Know your theological history.


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