Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Migron 'No-Proof' Incident || Bibi UPDATE!!

(UPDATE below)

From my friend, Dr. Haim Shine in Israel Hayom:-

High atop a hill in the land given to the tribe of Benjamin, just where Saul's army once prepared for war with the Philistines, the outpost of Migron was built in 1999...What they did, as Zionists and pioneers, was reminiscent of the glory days of the early Zionist settlement movement.

This rocky hill, uninhabited since the days of Saul and David and whose soil has not been cultivated -- even sheep and cows have not grazed it -- became the home of Jewish settlers Jews. The homeland once again proved that it was waiting with eternal patience for the return of its sons. Women and children carried the weight of the entire nation on their gentle shoulders.

...Though Palestinian ownership of the land has not been established, the evacuation orders have already been issued. The State Prosecutor's Office has turned land that was never claimed by anyone into private land. I am convinced that had the same criteria been applied to the lands settled in the early days of Zionism and the establishment of Israel, legal proceedings would still be underway on the matter of Ramat Aviv, Raanana, Ramat Hasharon and many neighborhoods in Jerusalem.

True, Jewish settlements should not be built on private land, with or without government support. But in order for land to be classified as private, proof of ownership must be presented, and no such proof has been provided for most of the land on which Migron was built...


Government Offers Compromise Agreement on the Evacuation of the Structures at Migron
(Communicated by the Prime Minister's Media Adviser)

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu earlier today (Sunday), 22.1.12, at the weekly Cabinet meeting, said that according to a High Court of Justice decision, the structures at Migron must be evacuated by 31.3.12. Due to its desire to honor the Court's decision by agreement and peacefully, the Government proposes the following compromise: Migron residents' permanent homes will be built near the current site, on state lands the planning for which will be arranged. Upon the conclusion of the construction, the residents will move to the permanent site. The site will be evacuated and handed over to the Judea and Samaria Civil Administration. The Government calls on the residents of Migron to agree to the proffered compromise and thus allow the Government to soon request that the Court approve the arrangement.

Prime Minister Netanyahu said that, "This is a good proposal. It does not solve all of the problems, but it does resolve the problem of Migron."

Not bad.  We can work with that.


Anonymous said...

Peace Now's Yariv Oppenheimer comes to the rescue in an interview
on Israel Radio, recasting Prime Minister Netanyahu's offer as a tremendous victory for the settlement movement - since the proposal provides for the
official establishment of the first new community in Judea and Samaria since Oslo. Oppenheimer went even further, predicting that if the residents of Migron accept Mr. Netanyahu's offer that they will ultimately have their cake and eat it to: with both a new community established and the existing Migron location continuing in perpetuity.

Hopefully Oppenheimer won't stop with one interview on Reshet Bet and will make a huge splash in all the Israeli news media channels. The more vocal his criticism the more palatable the offer to the residents of Migron.

NormanF said...

I thought it was insane. Move the community a few meters from their existing location?

What kind of "compromise" is that? It makes no sense whatsoever.

Why not overrule the Beinisch clique and just legalize Migron? It is certainly within the Knesset's powers to set aside the questionable standard the Israeli Supreme Court established to evict Migron.

Bad court judgments should be set aside and not sanctified by the government.

And create unjustified hardship for people, who living where they do, pose no jurisdictional conflict with the Arabs.

All we're saying is, leave Migron alone and give it a chance!