Monday, January 23, 2012

Ultra-Hareidi Anti-Zionist Semantics

Here are four pages of the Tevet issue of Shura D'Karta, an organ of the most radical ultra-Hareidi anti-Zionist groups, a spin-off, split-off, from Neturei Karta, the Ohel Rachel group.

They are the editorial shorts and I've noted some dozen instances of irrational semantics in phrases in the first two pages which I will translate (I am not going to do the entire four pages - even I have my limits of tolerance)

1. "uprooting religion edicts"
2. "their devilish machinations"
3. "communities forcibly destroyed, eradicated and burnt"
4. "in the Zionist ovens"
5. "in the jands of these Amalekites"
6. "these impure Amalekites"
7. "all the pogroms and murders"
8. "the Iranian threat doesn't bother them as much as the Hareidi threat"

9. "these cruel Nazi-zionists"
10. "barbaric and cruel murder"
11. "Nazi police"

Here are the other two pages but without detailed translations.


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