Thursday, January 26, 2012

A Christian Who Knows Something

From this item:

Islam's Dominance of the Temple Mount & Contempt for Christian and Jewish Tradition Engenders Growing Frustration

"The Temple Mount today is the most volatile acreage on earth," says Dr. Randall Price a renowned expert on the temple. Islamic dominance of The Temple Mount has long been a source of contention, war, and countless uprisings and deaths.

...[after 1967] Israel, in an effort to keep the peace allowed Islamic authorities to retain control of what's known as The Dome of the Rock, a mosque built directly over the spot Christians and Jews believe was the location of the Holy of Holies. Beginning in 1996, Islamic authorities began removing 20,000 tons of archaeologically rich debris from the southern and eastern portions of the Temple Mount. This debris had been systematically dumped in the valley but is now being salvaged by Jewish authorities....

Dr. Price is the author of the Rose Guide to the Temple.

(from the book)

A Distinguished Research professor and Executive Director of the Center of Judaic Studies at Liberty University, he says "The political reality is that Islamic authorities forbid any access to the site for archaeological investigation or confirmation." Beyond the historical value, however, Price says the propaganda that accompanied the Palestinian Intifada ("uprising") in 1987, included an Islamic denial that a Jewish temple ever existed (easily dismissed based on historical evidence).

In Rose Guide to the Temple, Price says, "It's [the Temple] purpose was to make possible God's dwelling with His people. It was made to be an earthly copy of the heavenly sanctuary."

Now, that's a correct perspective.



Anonymous said...

Shameful behaviout for a Jew to promote the sick Xtian Rose publishing site.

Hateful Xtians are behind the Rose guide to the Temple. They believe that the end times are here and all Jews will be forcefully converted to Xtianity.

Shame. How could you promote this through your blog ?

These Xtians just want to use Jews before destroying them.

YMedad said...

Oh please, leave your shame in your privacy. Get your head out of the sand. Do you belive in what they believe? If not, what difference is it what they or anyone believes? What is important is the existence the state of Israel and its continued fulfillment of its destiny, including Judea and Samaria ta present. Yes, there are missionaries to be guarded against but to negate simply in matters of theology? Sorry.

YMedad said...

a) Avoda Zara has a lot of definitions not all of them fit your mindset.

b) I do not believe in Jesus not in the Rose people. and am not asking anyone to do so and this has nothing to do with the post I blogged.

c) what link are you trying to draw here?

Anonymous said...

You should use a Jewish book to show pictures of the Temple. Evangelical Xtians are dangerous.

Anonymous said...

I think it shows how weak Israel is. The support of evangelical Christians is vital even though long term it's very bad for the Jews.