Monday, January 30, 2012

Shiloh Is On The List

Good news: the Likud ministerial meeting on Sunday, Netanyahu said that he hoped that former Supreme Court justice Edmund Levy would head the outpost committee that he hoped to finally form this week. The committee is expected to examine land status issues in the West Bank.

Shiloh is # 209 on the list. (here too)

As for Levy:

Levy's most important verdict so far - and one of the most important ones ever issued by the Supreme Court - is his minority opinion, against 10 colleagues, about the disengagement. Levy wanted to accept the petition and annul the Evacuation-Compensation Law and the entire pullout. For example, he said that in extreme cases the court must intervene when elected public officials deviate from the platform on which they campaigned and break their promises to their voters. His ultra-interventionist approach was also reflected in the issue of demolishing the Gush Katif synagogues during the pullout. Levy wanted to oblige the state to negotiate with the Palestinian Authority before making a final decision to demolish the synagogues.


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