Friday, January 27, 2012

"West Bank Organ Rooting Out" Story Not Newsworthy?

And Israel had nothing to do with it:

A Palestinian researcher at Birzeit University uncovered a scandal and crime against humanity in which Palestinian families in the West Bank force their daughters to undergo “uterine surgery” (hysterectomy). The girls are mostly said to have mental disabilities, the hospitals are administrated by the Palestinian National Authority (“PNA”). The surgeries are performed after these families are talked by doctors and religious authorities into fearing that their daughters can be raped, become pregnant or be unable to care about themselves during the period due to their (supposed) mental disability.

A Palestinian psychologist revealed that there currently are 50 cases of girls in the West Bank which are still on the waiting list for these operations for their daughters...

Repeated here.

Funny, couldn't find any hard news item.

I guess what Pals. do to themselves is not newsworthy?


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