Friday, January 27, 2012

Snakes Being Bitten

Remember the incident of Syrian female soldiers biting into live snakes?

This Israeli goes one better and he's less than two:

Though rare, there have been recorded instances of "man bites dog." Boy bites snake, however, is an entirely different story. This week, Imad Gadir's mother, a resident of the northern town of Shfaram, was astonished to discover her 18-month-old toddler with a dead snake in his mouth.

...I woke up as well and went to Imad's room to give him some milk, and I couldn't believe my eyes: I saw him holding a long snake and biting its head," she recounted...[a] neighbor removed the snake from the toddler's mouth and that is when the plot took a twist: The bites to its head had killed the snake.

"We went to the doctor's office immediately and to the hospital from there to rule out poisoning," the mother said. Despite fears that the snake was a poisonous viper, it turned out to be a coin-marked snake (hemorrhois nummifer), a non-poisonous snake that resembles the viper.

After being examined for poisoning the boy was released. The doctors said he was in excellent health.

And yes, he's not Jewish.


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