Monday, January 23, 2012

I Have A Press Problem

A "Press TV" problem.

Today, I was interviewed again by the Press TV rep in Jerusalem, Ibrahim.

And then I find out this, via :-

Britain revokes Iranian TV network’s license

Britain’s media regulator revoked the broadcast license for the Iranian state-owned television network Press TV on Friday, saying the network had failed to address concerns over its editorial independence and had not paid a fine. The network was set to cease broadcasting almost immediately...The move follows a marked chilling of relations between Britain and Iran after hundreds of Iranian protesters stormed the British Embassy in Tehran last November. Britain closed its embassy in Tehran and expelled all Iranian diplomats in London...(New York Times)


Press TV was found to have been operating editorial control from Tehran, breaching UK broadcasting licence rules.

“In the course of correspondence and meetings with Ofcom, statements made by Press TV Limited about the operation of the Licensed Service failed to satisfy Ofcom that the Licensee had general control over which programmes and other services were comprised in the Licensed Service. Ofcom therefore concluded that Press TV Limited had ceased to provide the Licensed Service in accordance with section 362(2) of the Act and that, accordingly, it was appropriate to revoke TLCS Licence 1211 under Condition 29(2)(a) of that Licence and section 238(4) of the Communications Act 2003. The Licence was revoked on 20 January 2012,” Ofcom said in a statement.

Press TV blames the 'Zionists':-

The Zionist Britain Israel Communications & Research Centre (Bicom) has collaborated with the state-controlled British Office of Communications (Ofcom) to ban the alternative English-language channel Press TV in the UK, a political analyst says.

“With anti-Iran sabotage activities high on its agenda, Bicom has worked closely with Ofcom towards eliminating a critical voice: Press TV,” Ismail Salami, Iranian author and Middle East expert, wrote in an article published on Press TV on Sunday.

So, why is Press TV still working in Israel?  Are we the most democratic, pluralistic society around?


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Juniper in the Desert said...

Truly WTF??? (Press TV UK has only fallen out of BskyB transmitter, apparently there are others)